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Statistically, ONLY 4%* of businesses make it beyond the ten-year mark. Those numbers are very discouraging for an entrepreneur who wants to leave a legacy. Because most entrepreneurs are unable to see themselves being successful long term they tend to give up and give in when opposition strikes. So what we do at NLM Enterprises, LLC. is provide visionaries with clarity through coaching, courses and community. We help them gain the clarity they need to see themselves moving in mastery in the marketplace, building a profitable business and leaving an impactful legacy.
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*Statistics may vary.

"Natalie Lee Martin held nothing back. Grab your copy!"
Laray Dyer, The Comeback Coach
See with clarity. Build with confidence. Grow your legacy.



Happy Clients

Natalie wasted no time in downloading from god and bringing clarity and peace of mind to my confused and overwhelm state. Things that I have been thinking about my business were confirmed by holy spirit through her without me mentioning it and I truly thank god for her existence on this earth and me finding her was without a doubt Christ lead.

Nneka Abraham

CEO, LaTouche Royale

Natalie Lee Martin is a great listener and she is spirit-led in her delivery. A major breakthrough was the vision I received as I relates to my new business and how my ministry and corporate job intersects. I am still trying to consume everthing from the call, and will continue to have breakthrough!

Natalie Demerson-Watkins

CEO, Anchored Life Support Services

My consultation with Natalie was powerful and comforting. I felt like my questions were answered without me even asking. The session was so rich full of gems. 

Amber Blakes

Founder, Journaling For The Generations

What To Expect When You Work With Us

We help entrepreneurs and visionaries gain clarity on their purpose in the marketplace so that they show up consistently with more confidence. Using our C3 Clarity Framework, you will be able to gain more clarity and clients. Plus you will be able to clearly articulate who you are to the world. Everything you need to create consistent cash flow. You will no longer second guess who you are, who you are called to, or where you are going. After working with our #1 Clarity Coach you will become more hopeful about your journey into entrepreneurship, confident presenting your offers, and position your brand as the only viable solution when connecting with your ideal client.You already have what the world needs. The answer is YOU!


Get clear on your vision - who you serve, what problems you are uniquely positioned to solve, and what sets you apart from all others in your industry.


Gain the confidence you need by understanding your unique position in the marketplace, the power of your why, and create a clear brand story.


With the clarity and confidence you gain; you will be able to effectively communicate your vision, message and brand to employees, partners, customers, clients, and investors.

Our Services

C3 Clarity Session

In this 2-hour session, we will utilize our signature C3 Clarity Framework to identify what problem you solve in the the marketplace, your company's MVP, and your ideal client so that you can create your memorable message, brand story and "I help" statement.

Clarity VIP Day

As a business owner and visionary your time is your most valuable asset.

In this 5 - 6 hour business strategy session, you will regain clarity in your business by creating structure around your practices, people and projects.

Clarity to Execute Academy

In this membership, you get access to a wide range of courses, group coaching, and personalized support.

This membership requires a 20-interview process for 4-5 figure business owners who are looking to 10X their income and reach in the marketplace.

Explore the Clarity To Execute Academy

Get access to courses tailored to help you, visionary, gain the clarity and confidence you need to convert potential clients to consistent buyers.

Our Books

She Is Legend

Devotional Journal 

She Is Legend: A Thirty Day Journey to Moving Beyond Mediocrity. According to Merriam-Webster a legend is a person that inspires; one popularly regarded as historical but not verifiable; a myth. God's desire for you is greatness. He wants you to be so great that people would not be able to identify the things you do as fact or fiction. Your impact will be "out of this world" great. God desires that your impact and influence span to nations and through generations. This devotional is a guide to moving beyond mediocrity and into greatness.

Get Your Copy Here

The Travel Adventures of Bella and Anna: Do We Have to Move? 

Join Bella and Anna as they navigate through all their fun and fears as they travel the globe. In this first book of the series, the girls sort through all the emotions that come with having to pack up and move. With Bella as the narrator, the girls navigate through what to expect when they relocate, the anxieties that come with starting a new school, and how hard it is to leave old friends behind. This multicultural children's book with vibrant and bold illustrations makes a great gift for children who are in the military or are a part of a transient family.

Get Your Copy Here

The Travel Adventures of Bella and Anna: Do We Have to Move? Coloring and Activity Book 

Join us as we navigate through all the fun and fears that Bella and Anna have as they travel the globe. This coloring and activity book is a fun companion to the children's book: Do We Have to Move? In this version, you can enjoy the story you've grown to love alongside beautiful coloring pages and educational activities such as translating Spanish words and converting time.

Get Your Copy Here

Join The Community

Women In Ministry & Business (WoMB)

The WoMB was established October 2021 on the Clubhouse App. We currently have a team of Moderating Midwives who serve over 600 members. We provide Christian women with business tips and insights so that they can show up in the marketplace confidently and win. In this community, we cultivate a space that empowers, equips and encourages all who join us. This is the place where we know Business is Ministry and nothing in the WoMB dies.

Join The Community

About the CEO...

Natalie Lee Martin

Natalie is the owner and CEO of NLM Enterprises, LLC. She began her life coaching business in the Summer of 2020. By January 2021, although she had obtained 15 clients while working full time, Natalie was still unsure of what her call was to the marketplace. She then reached out to several coaches to seek the clarity that she so desired. It was during that time she was named The Mom CEO Coach by one of her coaches, however, something still didn’t feel quite right.

In December 2021, Natalie was so frustrated and confused that she decided to shut the business down. SHE QUIT! Not entirely. She utilized that entire month digging deep. It was during that month that she became really clear about what solution she was called to solve. Out of her own search for clarity in her call to the marketplace, the C3 Clarity Framework was created which uniquely positioned Natalie to help other visionaries get clear about their call, company, and clients. Since her rebrand in January, 2022, Natalie has been able to helped hundreds of visionaries gain clarity in their life and business.

  • Business Clarity Coach

  • Amazon #1 Best Selling Author

  • 20+ Years of Experience in Leadership, Education & Curriculum Writing

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    See What CEOS & Entrepreneurs Are Saying About Us

    Carla Beckles

    CEO of Jus Curls Hair Care

    The nuggets that was shared really helped me to monetize my magic. I became more organized and set deadlines which intern saw tremendous growth and financial reward in my company.

    Lore Keyton

    CEO of Collaborative Legacy Solutions

    Natalie leads by asking deep, thought provoking questions to unmask the limitations I have placed on myself. I leave each session with clarity and the motivation to conquer my goals.

    Tamika Washington

    CEO of ConverSpace

    I walked away with a very clear understanding of how I would get my clients from point A to point B. I understood very clear who my program was design for and what problem I will be solving.

    Ms. Jay

    Owner of New Beginnings Performing Arts

    Natalie helped not only my business flourish but worked with my employees who were struggling in the midst of COVID. Her business and life coaching abilities has been a valuable asset to my company.

    Dr. Miki Collier

    Pastor, Mentor, Coach

    When you get clear, you get direction, focus, and momentum. This was the most amazing experience I had with Clarity Coach Natalie. She goes into your thoughts and clears up all the fog. She uses her system to get in tune with you. I have big vision and I had so much in my head. If you never booked a call with her, what are you waiting for?

    Kiameshea "KP" Prewitt

    Kingdom Wealth Strategist

    As God repositioned me in my business, I needed clarity on how to define myself so I booked a call with Natalie. Because this title came from God I needed someone who was connected to God to help me unpack it all. The session was amazing and God showed up. Her services are worth way more than her price tag.

    D Lashun brooks

    Restoration Caoch

    Natalie has bought so much clarity to my kingdom business that I am ready to show up with a clear vision and with confidence in the marketplace. I have so much clarity now. I felt like I gave you [Natalie] a 500-piece puzzle and you put all the pieces together. Now I am clear on who I should serve and ho I should serve them with a clear vision and mission. This has created a solid foundation in my business. I am excited. Thank you Natalie for being the visionary that you are.

    Shamara "Star" Cox

    TV producer and Content Coach

    Before I went to Natalie, I did not know what my mission, vision or my brand message was. I felt really confused especially when talking to my clients, I didn't even know what I was offering. Natalie took the time to listen to everything I was saying then she was able to pull out my passion, my desires and the purpose for my business. She pulled out my why. Now I feel confident knowing who I am and am not serving. If you're looking to get clarity for your business, Natalie is your girl.

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