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See with clarity. Build with confidence. Grow your legacy.

We help you create the foundation you need to finish the work you started to build & grow your big kingdom business.


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Bring your big vision and turn it into big dollars as you serve with mastery in the marketplace.


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The Ministry Focused Business Course

with Clarity Coach Natalie

Get clarity on how God created you as a unique solution in the marketplace.

Get clarity on the prophetic words that were spoken to you about your kingdom business.

Get clarity on who you are called to serve in the marketplace & how to present yourself as the only viable solution.

Get clarity in your business & create a system to package, distribute & market your gifts.

We provide expert services with clarity, accountablity & strategy.

Get Busineess Coaching with a Biblical Perspective to Grow Your Big, Kingdom Business.

At the end of this program you will utilize all that you've learned to create an irresistable offer that solves a uniquely problem, can be mass-produced, is packaged well, and positions you as credible & authentic. It's time to create something that people will want to buy without violating biblical principles in the marketplace.


What To Expect

  • Weekly Course Sessions

  • Get automated, curated weekly courses to help you take you vision to the next level.

  • Weekly Office Hours

  • Weekly office hours live with Coach Natalie to gain clarity on each step of your process.

  • Assignments & Accountability

  • Weekly assignments & analysis of data collected and/or results achieved.

  • Framework Creation

  • Create a system, blueprint, or framework for your business. At the end of the program walk away with a business proposal to utilize as your own  foundation and for potential investors.

  • Market Research

  • Weekly assignments include research about your field, industry & target audience.

  • Business Foundation

  • Learn fundamental biblical business principles & how to apply them in your business.

    Testimonials and Reviews

    So, Let, me explain to you when we first started. I had so many pieces that were all over the place. They were all in different places. So, every week we just start grabbing all the pieces and we just started connecting them together. As I grabbed each piece, everything started coming together. And so, it [my vision] ended up being, more than I thought it was going to be. It was stuff that I heard from other places and people, but I didn't know how it applied to what I was doing. You know, for me it was like, “Oh yeah, I’ve heard that before. But what does that mean?" So Natalie, you’ve been amazing. In the program we began putting the pieces together and kept God in the middle of it. That was the topper for everything. I’m so much further ahead and my vision makes more sense now and I feel confident, like, "Yeah I’m supposed to be doing this." I know what I’m supposed to be doing. So, thank you for that. I appreciate it.

    Kingdom Nutritionist & Health Coach
  • This program has impacted me tremendously. You know I’ve always known for at least two years now that God was calling me to the business. He is calling me to it, but it wasn’t until I got into the program that I actually gained the clarity and um the Language, to what it was that God was calling me to do. This program really helped me put pieces together, and connecting with the different women and having the feedback it was very encouraging. I finally feel confident to be able to birth out the vision, birth out the business after joining this program. And Natalie, has been so amazing and available to me. And guided, me during this whole process, so I’m forever thankful and I would encourage anybody to get into this program, so that you can get the clarity that You Need to go ahead and birth out the vision in the business that is God is calling you to do.

    Purpose Coach & CEO of MasterPieceD, LLC.
    Investment Required

    Cost: $399

    Time: 4 - 6 weeks
    Beginning: At your own pace!

    Tel. (228) 243 - 9392
    Email: [email protected]
    Social: @natalieleemartin

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    Ministry Focused Business Course

    Get business coaching with a biblical perspective.

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