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Learn How To Do Business God's Way

So that You Can Increase Productivity, Peace & Profits in Your Business!

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3 Secrets You Will Learn and Be Able To Implement Right Away


Learn who you are as an heir to God's promises in the marketplace and how to stand on them.


Undo the lies that you have been sold & learn what it looks like to partner with God in business. 


Learn the principles of business & how to utilize those principles in creating impact, influence & income.

Get access to replay, workbook and BONUS for ONLY $47

This is for you if you...

  • Are looking to discover your identity as an heir to God's promises in the marketplace.

  • Are struggling with the idea of bringing your faith into your work life.

  • Want to gain a deeper understanding of business principles that will help you excel in the marketplace.

  • Want to gain insights and lessons that will help you avoid common mistakes and accelerate your own business growth.

  • Wanted to but weren't able to attend the live webinar. This means you can learn and grow at your own pace, without having to worry about missing out on valuable information.

  • Meet Your Host

    Natalie Lee Martin is a prophetic teacher, speaker, and coach. Natalie’s passion is to help visionaries find longevity and success in the marketplace. As an author, she has published four books during the pandemic, two of which have become Amazon’s #1 Best Seller. 

    As a Clarity Coach, Natalie has been able to help over 100 visionaries gain clarity in their business and life. She has also served as the keynote speaker at various conferences, retreats and events including Fresh Manna: The Worship Weekend, The BOSS Up Bootcamp, HealHer Retreat, Journey To The Kingdom, Queens Forever Connection, and Esther’s: Chosen By A King. Amongst all her accomplishments, her greatest is being a military wife to her phenomenally supportive husband and mother of five creatives.

    Natalie Lee Martin

    I Am So Ready To Partner with God & Create The Vision For My Business to Flourish and Grow!

    Testimonials and Reviews

    Mocha Tosses

    The webinar about Doing Business God's way was eye-opening! You may (or may not) have heard the concepts before, however, they were overlookable before hearing the instruction from God. I joined the webinar because when Natalie speaks, you can actually feel what God is communicating, and to have her speak about business was an added bonus. The secret that impacted me the most was the fact that [experts say it takes 10,00 hours to become a master at anything and] 10,000 hours = 1.5 years. If you break that down, in order to be an expert at something if you work at it Monday thru Friday 9-5 minus holidays, sleep, etc that would be approximately 3yrs, 5 months. To me, that sounds pretty amazing. It's doable. The change I made immediately was to look at how I am using my time. Time is one of the resources Natalie spoke of. I noticed gaps of time being wasted and decided, the distractions needed to be cut out. I recommend signing up for this webinar because the principles are broken down into actionable steps. You understand the promises that are given in the Bible, and it is shown to you in a way that you get it. Thank You, Natalie! Learned a lot in a short time!

    Tamaria Wright
    E-Level Up, LLC.

    I joined the Doing Business God's Way Webinar' because I needed to level up my business. God has been nudging me to bring my business up. I needed to figure out what I needed and what was missing and I know Natalie Lee Martin is definitely the SME (Subject Matter Expert) when it comes to creating and growing GOD's business or ministry. Natalie's webinar is full of God's Word, and her experiences. What she presents is easy to learn, execute, and modify to make it your own. The secret that affected me the most was writing out what I want to see and not being afraid of the biggest picture when God is behind it! It goes with the scripture of writing the vision and making it plain. I forgot this concept and had been just speaking but not writing God's revisions for the vision. Instead, I did lots of guessing or adding my own thoughts and ideas. Through Natalie's webinar, I realized I was not taking the time I needed to hear from God and then write, immediately what I heard, even if it sounded impossible. I was not sitting long enough so I only got half of what God wanted me to do. I was wondering why everything in my business seemed incomplete. Natalie's webinar made me face the truth and my relationship with God and His business without excuses and an offensive/defensive attitude. I have immediately implemented spending more time with God and using my listening skills and not listening to everyone else. The season has shifted and my material needs a review and updating. I have started a new vision board and am only adding what is GOD's vision for this generation and the business. If you are ready to really make a change and do it God's way, sign up for this webinar. If you are prepared to do a heart check and are ready for the truth without offense, sign up for this webinar. If you are open to new avenues to advance, God's way, then sign up for this webinar. It's time! Thank you for all you do! Much Love!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What specific topics will be covered in the webinar replay?

    You will encounter the 5 lies that you have been sold in the marketplace that causes you to move in fear and anxiety in the marketplace. We will learn why, as kingdom entrepreneurs, it is beneficial to partner with God in our businesses. And you will have identify those promises that God told you and the scriptures to support what He said. 

    Will there be any practical advice on how to apply these principles in my business?

    Absolutely. You will walk away with practical tools and tips to implement immediately so that you can see quick results in your business.

    Are there any success stories of Christian entrepreneurs who have applied these principles and seen results?

    Myron Golden, Eric Thomas, Mary Kay Ash, Strive Msaiyiwa, Cher Wang, David Green, S. Truett Cathy, John Tyson, Dave Ramsey and Mark Burnett just to name a few. I dare you to Google any of them.

    Is there any additional support or resources available after the webinar replay for further development?

    The webinar does come with two resources, workbook and bonus Bible Plan. If more support is needed check out our home page natalieleemartin.com.

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